How to “Float” on the Multi-Cloud.

There is a lot of talk about “multi-cloud,” but trying to achieve that level of cloud diversity might be challenging for many organizations. If you are starting out in the cloud, instead of building cloud-specific expertise across multiple cloud providers, try to “float” across multiple clouds as much as possible. Here is how.

First off, “What is Multi-cloud?”

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Coming in January 2023: “Strategies and Tactics for Migrating Traditional Production Applications to the Cloud.”

This longer article will attempt to summarize many core strategies and tactics used for migrating legacy applications from on-prem to the cloud.

“Traditional Production Applications” (TPA) are those like:

1) x86-based client/server architectures, especially those utilizing older versions of Linux or Windows Servers not supported by cloud vendors like Azure.

2) Applications based on “mid-range” systems like IBM Power AIX (running UNIX).

3) Applications based on mid-range systems like IBM Power IBMi, AS/400.

Send me a request via my contacts page if you want early access or have ideas to contribute.

This will be an ongoing edit. Like Fashion, “It will never be finished.” It will be refined over time.



Introduction – Migrating Traditional Production Applications (TPA) to the Cloud

Part One: Strategy of Cloud Migration

  1. Foundations & Motivations
  2. Cloud Capabilities – Select your vendor
  3. Lift-and-Shift vs. Native Cloud

Part Two: Tactics

  1. Tools
  2. Backup
  3. High Availability
  4. Communications
  5. Actual Migration
  6. Sizing and Tuning
  7. Post Migration
  8. Transformation / Re-Engineering